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Alarm Companies Give Families Peace of Mind After a Break-In

If your house gets broken into, it is one of the worst experiences there is. A stranger has violated your personal space, damaged your property, and taken your valuable belongings. It is scary and disruptive, and the worst part is the fear of a home invasion happening again. It can take time for a family to feel comfortable and safe in their homes again, especially children. Alarm companies are there to help you get your sense of security back. They can also advise on other steps you can take to keep your home and your family as secure as possible. If your home is broken into, unfortunately it is four times more likely to get broken into again. That is why it is important to meet with a professional alarm companies right away to make sure that you are protected, and to help give your family their peace of mind back.

Alarm Companies Give Families Peace of Mind After a Break-In

First Steps After A Break-Ins

If you come home to find your home has been burglarized, the first thing to do is call the police. Try not to touch anything in the house until the police arrive. Remember, if you find out about the break-in while you are away from your home, for example if your neighbor tells you a window is broken, don’t rush back home to investigate. There is the risk that the burglar is still there. Call the police from where you are and don’t return home until after they arrive. Once they have checked out the scene they will make a report. This is necessary for insurance purposes, and so your items can be returned to you if the thief is caught. Give them a complete list of everything that is missing, and approximate values. Make a copy of the police report and your list for the insurance company. Although you may not be in a great place emotionally immediately after a break-in, it is important to try to keep a clear head and take the necessary first steps.

Call Your Insurance Company

Now it is time to call your homeowner or renter insurance company. It is a good idea to call within 24 hours, and immediately if possible. Make sure you have all the required documentation and forms they need. This is the best way to ensure you will be reimbursed for your missing property. The insurance company may send an adjuster out to examine the claim.

Call Several Alarm Companies

The peace of mind of the whole family, especially children, will be greatly improved by calling several professional alarm companies. They will come to your home and asses where the weak points of your home’s security are. They will then discuss all your options with you, and together you can decide what system is best for you, and when installation can take place. You can then choose the company that gives you the most of what you need for the best price. This step alone often helps family members feel more secure, and a lot calmer about the future.


It is important to clean up all signs of the break in as soon as possible, for security and to help your family get over the trauma of a home invasion. First, secure broken doors and windows. You might have to board them up with plywood until a carpenter is able to come, but make sure they are completely secure. Fix anything broken inside the home and clean any marks on the walls. The goal is to remove any evidence of the intruder. The sooner you can get things back in order, the sooner you and your family will be able to move on from the ordeal.

Alarm Companies Give Families Peace of Mind After a Break-In

Install A Home Security System

The alarm company you have chosen will come to your home on installation day with everything they need to get the job done that day. You can have either a hard wired or wireless system installed, and in most cases will be able to monitor your home remotely from a mobile device. Before they leave, they will tell you all about your new system and how to use it. They will help you develop a comprehensive security plan for your home. After your system is installed, you will feel a lot better knowing your home is now rigged up against burglars and family members can once again feel completely safe in their home.

It can be hard to emotionally recover from something as violating as a home invasion. Working with alarm companies to install a home security system is one way to regain your peace of mind. These are professionals who know exactly what to do to give you the security you need. If you have been the victims of a home invasion, you and your family will sleep better at night knowing that you took all the steps possible to prevent it from happening again.