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Services Provided By the Best Alarm Companies

When you hire an alarm company, it is because you care about the safety of your family and the security of your home. Home invasions occur daily, and they are a traumatic experience for your family. It not only results in a loss of property, but also a loss of your sense of security. The best way to prevent that is by having a security system installed at your home. It is possible install your own system, but then you miss out on all the services that the best alarm companies provide.

Services Provided By the Best Alarm Companies

Free Inspections and Estimates

The best alarm companies will come to your home and inspect the entire property with you. They will advise you on your home’s weak points, and what you can do to correct them. The will inspect your doors, windows, lighting, locks, property access points, landscaping features and more. The alarm professional will help you decide if a hard wired or a wireless system would be right for you. If you have an existing system, they will let you know exactly what upgrades are needed and how long it will take. They will also give you a complete written estimate of the costs, including any installation costs.

Services Provided By the Best Alarm Companies

A Variety Of Choices

The best alarm companies don’t skimp when it comes to your security options. They should be well educated on all the latest alarm technology, and be able to offer you wired and wireless options, central station monitoring, structured wiring, new construction pre-wiring, CCTV video systems, remote video monitoring and more. There should also be many different levels and price points for home monitoring, but you shouldn’t necessarily have to choose from bundled packages. You should be able to custom create a system that meets your needs exactly.

Services Provided By the Best Alarm Companies

Professional Installation

The top alarm companies only hire the most experienced professionals. That means they have set up these systems hundreds of times, and know them inside and out. You can be assured only certified technicians enter your home, who will respect your property and belongings. They also won’t leave without giving you a full overview of your new system, making sure that you understand how to use it completely. They will check other aspects of your security setup and property. For example, they will walk the property with you and make sure there are no ways to gain access to upper level windows by using trees, vines, roofs or trellises. They may also make recommendations like installing a driveway alarm or security light.


Installation is really only the beginning. A professional alarm service will provide you with 24 hour monitoring, 7 days a week. You will be notified if anything unusual happens on your property, like if a window is broken or a door is opened by an unauthorized person. There is no better way to have 100% confidence in your home’s security than remote monitoring. There are all kinds of other monitoring services available as well, like temperature monitoring, carbon dioxide monitoring, fire and smoke monitoring, flood monitoring and medical alert monitoring.

Response Teams

The best alarm companies will also provide an alarm response team, and can send armed security officers to your home if there is trouble. Many companies have monthly packages that can include bi-weekly home checks, and security concierge services. They may even offer a patrol service for businesses and residential complexes.

When it comes to your family’s safety, only the best will do. You should look at all your options before making your choice. The best alarm companies will offer you free inspections, free estimates, a variety of choices, professional installation, remote monitoring, and the option of response teams. You are in good hands with these alarm professionals, and they will put together exactly what you need to keep your family safe and sound. They will guide you through the process of making your home more secure from start to finish.